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SINCE 1996
Crossbones is the most recognized rock/metal act in Albania and the only band from the mid 90-s that kept going. Among countless gigs and performances, Crossbones have played aside Rock and Metal giants such as Ian Paice, legendary drummer of Deep Purple and as a direct support act for Greek Black Metal legends of Rotting Christ.
Crossbones is the only metal band as well to “sell” outside the Albanian borders touring and gaining international recognition. The band has played and headlined many concerts and festivals in the local scene, as well as Romania (Flex Fest 2019) Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia and toured in Baltics (Estonia and Latvia), Ukraine, headlined Balkan Metal Meeting 4 in Tuzla/Bosnia, April 28, 2018.
Host of Metal United World Wide for the Albanian chapter 2018 and 2019 in Tirana.
The band has just released their new album “The Awakening” in July 12, 2019 via Alpha Omega Records with great response so far.
The Balkan band has worked with the well-known producer and sound engineer Alex Azzali at Alpha Omega Studios who has recorded, mixed and mastered the album. The new record combines American thrash metal influences with a dark sound and typical Balkan and Albanian folk sonorities. The result is an album created with the intention of hit hard the ears of the listener without losing melodic passages and “catchy” riffs, marking and redefining a new way in the European post-thrash/groove metal genre.
Crossbones is the only Albanian metal band spreading its boundaries and gaining recognition throughout 3 continents, Europe, USA and Australia through various magazines, webzines and portals with great reviews.




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